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Turboprop Aircraft

Turboprop aircraft are the perfect solution for passengers who wish to travel short to medium distances at affordable costs.

These aircraft give access to short landing strips, allowing to land in airports that can not be accessed by Turbojets aircraft.

Avion Highprofile
Pilatus PC12
Seats: 1-10
Range: 3339 KM
Max. cruising speed: 537 Km/h
Luggage space: 1,07 m³
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King Air 250
Seats: 1+8/9
Range: 3142 km
Max. cruising speed: 574 Km/h
Luggage space: 1.6m³ / 249 Kg
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Piaggio P180
Seats: 1-7
Range: 2400 km
Max. cruising speed: 644 Km/h
Luggage space: 1,07 m³
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Beech 1900D
Seats: 1-19
Range: 2140km
Max. cruising speed: 520 Km/h
Luggage space: 1,32 m³

Very light Jets

Very Light Jets are considered as the lightest and smallest jets on the market.

Equipped with Turbojet engines, this aircraft type is the most affordable and designed for short-distance flights.

Avion Highprofile
Citation Mustang
Seats: 5 sièges
Range: 2161 km
Max. cruising speed: 630 Km/h
Luggage space: 1.61 m³ / 4 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Phenom 100
Seats: 4 sièges
Range: 2182 km
Max. cruising speed: 741 Km/h
Luggage space: 1.55 m³ / 4 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Seats: 5 sièges
Range: 2037 km
Max. cruising speed: 782 Km/h
Luggage space: 2 m³
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Eclipse 550
Seats: 5
Range: 2408 km
Max. cruising speed: 692 Km/h
Luggage space: 1,07 m³

Light Jets

Light jets are the most frequently chartered aircraft types in the business aviation industry.

This category of aircraft is the best solution for short to medium trips, oftentimes accommodating a toilet on board.

Avion Highprofile
Citation CJ2
Seats: 1-6
Range: 2400 km
Max. cruising speed: 720Km/h
Luggage space: 1,8 m³
Avion Highprofile
Citation CJ4
Seats: 12 sièges
Range: 4,010 Km
Max. cruising speed: 835 Km/h
Luggage space: 2.18 m³ / 6 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Hawker 400XP
Seats: 8 sièges
Range: 2,898 Km
Max. cruising speed: 833 Km/h
Luggage space: 1 m³ / 4 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Phenom 300
Seats: 10 sièges
Range: 3,723 Km
Max. cruising speed: 839 Km/h
Luggage space: 2.23 m³ / 10 pièces

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets offer high-end services with a flight attendant and can accommodate beds for long-haul travels.

Avion Highprofile
Challenger 300
Seats: 13 sièges
Range: 5,741 Km
Max. cruising speed: 870 Km/h
Luggage space: 3 m³ / 12 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Hawker 900XP
Seats: 10 sièges
Range: 5,425 Km
Max. cruising speed: 826 Km/h
Luggage space: 1.4 m³ / 5 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Citation Sovereign
Seats: 10 sièges
Range: 5,273 Km
Max. cruising speed: 848 Km/h
Luggage space: 3.83 m³ / 10 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Falcon 2000
Seats: 19 sièges
Range: 7,408 Km
Max. cruising speed: 893 Km/h
Luggage space: 3.7 m³ / 10 pièces

Heavy Jets

The heavy jets have very comfortable seats in addition to the luxurious and spacious cabins which can reach 1.90m in ceiling height.

This aircraft category is adapted to long-haul flights and includes the highest standard services on board.

Avion Highprofile
Legacy G650
Seats: 14
Range: 6060 KM
Max. cruising speed: 834 Km/h
Luggage space: 6,83 m³
Avion Highprofile
Global 7500
Seats: 19 sièges
Range: 14,260 Km
Max. cruising speed: 902 Km/h
Luggage space: 5.6 m³
Avion Highprofile
Gulfstream G650
Seats: 19 sièges
Range: 12,964 Km
Max. cruising speed: 956 Km/h
Luggage space: 8.10 m³ / 18 pièces

Ultra long range

Thanks to its size and performance, the ultra long range aircraft offers an incomparable travel experience.

The quality and range of services on board will make your flight an unforgettable moment.

Avion Highprofile
Falcon 7x
Seats: 10 à 16
Range: 10011 KM
Max. cruising speed: 910 Km/h
Luggage space: 6 m³
Avion Highprofile
Global G 650
Seats: 19
Range: 12960 KM
Max. cruising speed: 1142Km/h
Luggage space: 5,52 m³
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Gulfstream G500
Seats: 19
Range: 12960 KM
Max. cruising speed: 1142Km/h
Luggage space: 5,52 m³

Vip Airliners

VIP airliners offer an unparalleled level of comfort and space.

Thanks to the spacious cabin which can be divided into many rooms, the aircraft can be set up in the likeness of a luxurious apartment with a dining room, a bedroom, and a living room for maximal comfort and a unique travel experience.

Avion Highprofile
Boeing BBJ
Seats: 40 sièges
Range: 11 000 km
Max. cruising speed: 850 km/h
Luggage space: 20,4 m³
Avion Highprofile
Airbus ACJ
Seats: 50 sièges
Range: 11500 Km
Max. cruising speed: 898 km/h
Luggage space: 33.9 m³ / 10 pièces
Avion Highprofile
Embraer Lineage
Seats: 19 seats
Range: 8,519 Km
Max. cruising speed: 889 Km/h