Founded in 2009, HighProfile is a VIP air charter broker. From our offices located in Paris, Nice, Casablanca, Dubai, and St Marten, we provide our clients with a selection of over 25 000 private jets worldwide. HighProfile is the sole broker in the industry who benefits from the operational support of its sister company G-OPS, the French leader of ground service support dedicated to business aviation. This synergy allows a step-by-step follow-up of the flight operations and a bespoke customer service, making HighProfile an A-player in the industry.

For years, we’ve been arranging cargo charter flights.

HIGHPROFILE has a strong ability to navigate the complexities of the air cargo charter operation.

Our cargo air charter operation experts are available 24/7 to secure the trouble-free execution of your project.

Our experience makes us a trusted partner and key performer across the industry.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the forces that can impact your operation, HIGHPROFILE guarantee smooth and secure realization of your demand.

Experienced Air Cargo Operations performer, we provide a unique ability to fulfill your objectives.

An operational support structure enables us to coordinate our client flight 24/7.

Business jet

Amongst 25 000 jets spread across the world, ranging from very light jets to VIP airliners, you can enjoy at any moment our many charter possibilities that will grant you a limitless flexibility.

Private jets solution

Whether you wish to purchase, sell or find a management solution in order to optimize your investment, HighProfile will provide you with expert knowledge and advice.

Conciergerie service

HighProfile puts at your disposal a luxury conciergerie service, allowing us to provide you with a wide range of services in order to add comfort to your trip.


Are you looking for a yacht or a luxury sailing boat in addition to your jet to enjoy the freedom of navigation ? HighProfile will grant you access to its exclusive partnership with an expert provider of yacht charter, sales, and management.