Following the cancellation of the Falcon 5X project at the end of 2017, which to this day remains their largest investment, Dassault Aviation, in third position of the business jets manufacturer in the world, wishes to bounce back as soon as 2022 with the launch of the Dassault Falcon 6X. Just like its predecessor, the 6X will host the highest and widest passenger cabin of its category: 1,98 m high by 2,58 m wide

As one of the leaders in aerospace innovation, Dassault aims to raise the bar higher still by equipping its Falcon 6X with the latest technologies.
Amongst these, a world premiere: the zenithal window initially developed for the Falcon 5X and the low speed approach system allowing landings on short runways. With declining orders since 2004, it seems that Dassault is trying to catch up with the competition with the imminent release of the newest addition to the Falcon family.



Even with a significant market share of 15,8%, Dassault remains far behind its competitors: Gulfstream towering at 32,7%, closely followed by Bombardier at 30,4%. The reason for this gap comes from the fact that unlike its competitors, the French group offers, to this day, a smaller panel of jets. According to Richard Aboulafia, the exeutive vice-president of Teal Group: “ Dassault’s greatest weakness is the ultra-high-end where they have no product to compete in this field”. Others, like Ernie Arvai, analyst at AirInsight suggest that Dassault should develop a supersonic jet: “Thanks to its military branch, Dassault has gathered more knowledge on supersonic aircrafts than any other player in the business jet industry”. Mid-term, the goal of Dassault is to stay competitive in front of other companies that benefit from their facilities in the dollar-zone, granting them production costs 20 to 25% lower. In order to reach this goal, the French group means to increase the specialization of its 9 French production plants and will start producing some of the Falcon 2000 components in its new Indian production facility in Nagpur.

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